Welcome as a NTR producer

In order to be entitled to label your product with the NTR-label  several requirements must be met. You can apply for membership in the national wood protection association, or if there is no such association in your country it is possible to apply directly to NWPC.

Here we describe how you do to become a member and receive labelling rights according to NTR’s quality system. There are different memberships depending on which country and business you run. The description may vary slightly depending on the country in which production takes place.

Manufacturer of wood products

If your business operates industrial wood protection treatment and wishes NTR approval, the following must:

  • your business use funds and / or methods that are approved by NTR. See the Approval list.
  • be connected to a control body approved by NTR, and and have fulfilled initial control and ongoing supervision. See Impregnation control below.
  • be a member of one of NTR’s member organizations, ie the Swedish Wood Preserving Association, (Kestopuuteollisuus ry, Treindustrien or Dansk Træbeskyttelse).
  • Contact your national member organization for information on terms and conditions for membership, fees and help in getting in touch with NTR’s control body.
  • if there is no such association in your country it is possible to apply directly to NWPC.

Wood preservative provider

If your company manufactures and distributes wood preservatives and wishes your product and / or method to be listed as an NTR-approved product and intends to deliver to wood impregnation or wood modification plants that carry out NTR-approved manufacturing with labelling rights, the following must:

  • the wood preservative must be NTR-approved and included in the list of NTR-approved agents.
  • the supplier is a member of the Nordic wood protection associations or associations in each country to which the business supplies wood protection products, ie the Swedish Wood Preserving Association, Kestopuuteollisuus ry, Treindustrien or Dansk Træbeskyttelse.

From these member organizations, you can get information about the rules and conditions for membership, fees and help in getting in touch with NTR’s rules for funding approval and the NTR-Technician Group.

Associated members

The Swedish Wood Preserving Association offers the opportunity to be a member for companies and private individuals who have an obvious interest in wood impregnation / wood protection treatment. Associated members can be admitted users, organizations and authorities.

Contact the Swedish Wood Preserving Association for information on rules and conditions for membership, fees etc.

Third party manufacturing control

If your business conducts manufacturing in accordance with NWPC-documents, it presupposes that your company is notified for manufacturing control by an inspection body approved by NWPC that performs independent third-party control.

You are free to choose between the approved control bodies listed on NWPC website.

Approval of wood preservatives

If your company supplies wood preservatives and wishes to have these approved and listed as NWPC-approved agents, it is assumed that the agent / method has been tested and reviewed with regard to the effectiveness of NWPC technical group.

Further information on the rules for approval, admission and control is provided by the NWPC Secretariat.